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    Tyro, Virginia 22976

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Specializing in Plantation Thinning, Chipping, Grinding, and Clearcuts in Pine and Hardwood

Services We Provide

We are fully insured, reputable, customer oriented, honest, knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Our reputation is our livelihood. Satisfied customers are our future. We care about you.

We offer professional advice from foresters and operators who make a career in the woods. Here are just a few of the ways we can serve you:

Cut all types of timber in any terrain

Mapping and acreage

Flag property lines and mark buffers

Offer advice on planning: type of harvest, timing, design, and reforestation

Provide contacts for reforestation and herbicide services and offer advice on densities and rates for these operations

Clear land and grind stump piles

Build roads and do road maintenance

Redesign problem areas in your road system

Install new entrances

Upgrade entrances

Assist with wildlife enhancement

Help you understand cost-share opportunities