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Specializing in Plantation Thinning, Chipping, Grinding, and Clearcuts in Pine and Hardwood

Why Sell Your Timber?

Are you thinking about selling you timber or timberland?
Is it the right time?
Will I get the job and price that I’m looking for?
Should I use a consulting forester?
What will I do with all of the brush and stumps?
What happens when the job is over?
How do I replant?
As a premier logger in the industry, we can provide you with the satisfaction that you deserve. Pine or hardwood, thinning or clearcut, chipping or grinding, we do it all. From steep terrain to swampy land we can handle your needs. We have 2 foresters on staff and courteous, knowledgeable crews.
Why pay a consultant 5-20% of your total harvest price? We give the same price whether you have a consultant or not! Keep your hard earned cash, and let us help you in the same way a consultant would.
If you are thinking about clearing land for farm or pasture, housing or subdividing, or just need to generate some extra cash; we can help you achieve your goals.
Don’t want to clearcut? We offer multiple alternatives.
Please contact us 434-277-8044.